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Kuina-chanJul 16, 2018

Various perspectives of Kuina-chan as seen by others!

The illustrations on this page are posted with permission from each author, and copyright is attributed to them.

Author: みんぐ

Author: 野戸覧人

Author: 々々(のまのま)

Author: おみな

Author: 楸かのん

Author: Sarta

Author: りなぷ

Before the 19th Phase

Kuina-chan before her power was sealed.

Author: 山本まくや

Author: yoichineji

Author: もろぞす

Author: Sarta

Author: 辛党姉

Kuina-chan SNS

Illustrations posted using the hand-drawing function of Kuina-chan SNS.

Author: Sarta

Author: はむぱい