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Kuina-chanJul 16, 2018

I'm Kuina-chan, six years old. I will give you some of my knowledge, so please give me some of you.

People often say that "life is too short to study every field," however my dream is to demonstrate that we human beings can achieve far more than we think if we seriously try our best. I'm going to give it my best shot so keep an eye out for me!

The Kuina-chans of the Past

When a Kuina-chan gets phased out, her duties will be taken over by the next generation's Kuina-chan.
1st Phase 1st Phase 11th Phase 11th Phase
2nd Phase 2nd Phase 12th Phase 12th Phase
3rd Phase 3rd Phase 13th Phase 13th Phase
4th Phase 4th Phase 14th Phase 14th Phase
5th Phase 5th Phase 15th Phase 15th Phase
6th Phase 6th Phase 16th Phase 16th Phase
7th Phase 7th Phase 17th Phase 17th Phase
8th Phase 8th Phase 18th Phase 18th Phase
9th Phase 9th Phase 19th Phase 19th Phase
10th Phase 10th Phase 20th Phase 20th Phase