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Kuina-chanJul 16, 2018

This is a download and introduction page of Kuin Programming Language.

Kuin Programming Language
The next release is scheduled for May 17, 2018. Please see Update History for the update contents.
Kuin Sample Program "Kuinvaders"
Kuin Sample Program "Kuinvaders"
Kuin is a fast, practical programming language. Some of its features are listed below.



  • Built-in support for drawing 2D/3D graphics and sound playback.
  • Designed to be robust without adding unnecessarily complexity.
  • Object-oriented language facilitating more efficient development.
  • Garbage-collected, so resource deallocation is unnecessary.
  • Support for character strings, lists, stacks, queues, dictionaries and more.
  • Call DLLs written in other languages.
  • Support convenient functions as standard.
  • "Hello world" is a blank program.

High Speed

  • Extremely fast compiling. Can compile 1000 lines in 0.2 seconds.
  • No virtual machine in the middle so execution is fast because native CPU machine code is generated.
  • Display graphics use the GPU freely resulting in rapid 2D/3D graphics.
Kuin's Features


As an example, here is some code that outputs all prime numbers under 100.
func main()
  for i(2, 100)
    var b: bool :: false
    for j(2, i - 1)
      if(i % j = 0)
        do b :: true
      end if
    end for
      do cui@print("\{i}\n")
    end if
  end for
end func
Program getting all prime numbers under 100


After you get Kuin, head over to the「Kuin Tutorial」.